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 flyWithCE Flight recorder devices
 flyWithCE Flight Recorder advantages
  ● Simple to use   With only one ON/OFF switch flyWithCE recorder is extremely easy to use. Few minutes before flight just turn on the device and when valid GPS position is detected Flight Recorder will start logging positions.
  ● Small size   It is one of the smallest and lightest flight recorders on the market.
  ● Power independent   With internal battery you will not be dependent on planes power supply.
  ● Simple but powerful software   Together with Flight Recorder you will also receive flyWithCE Logbook program, with which you will be able to download and view recorded flights. You will be also able to share flights with your friends.
  ● Secure recorder   flyWithCE Flight Recorder will record signed flights that can be used for competitions like OLC (on-line championship). Output is standard IGC file.
  ● Low cost   Check Order page for price which is much lower than any other flight recorder currently on the market.
Device is perfect if you are searching for a simple self powered flight recorder that can be easily carried with you. It will record A LOT of flying hours and with use of IGC analysis software you will be able to check your flights and improve your flying.
Follow this link to see page translated to French language.
 flyWithCE Flight Recorder devices overview
  Flight Recorder FR300 Flight Recorder FR100

Availability available no longer available
Memory size (with 1s recording interval) 71 hours 111 hours
Battery power internal rechargeable battery 2 x AAA battery
Battery operation >10 hours >8 hours with 1000 mAh NiMH
Size 78 mm x 28 mm x 18 mm 70 mm x 37 mm x 24 mm
OLC accepted yes yes
Full IGC certification no no
Included Logbook license yes yes
Warranty 1 year 1 year
Package includes Flight Recorder FR300
CD-ROM with Logbook, user's manual, drivers
holder lanyard
Flight Recorder FR100
CD-ROM with Logbook, user's manual, drivers
USB cable
Detailed technical specification FR300 specification FR100 specification
Price 89 EUR no longer available
 flyWithCE Flight Recorder certifications
IGC Position Recorder
International Gliding Commission (IGC) introduced new class of recorders - position recorders. IGC Position Recorder certificate is issued by national gliding committee and for specific device. Because of that the certification is not worldwide.
On 2nd and 3rd of March 2012 there was and IGC Plenary Meeting in South Africa where they decided that for Silver and Gold badges you do not need extra altitude recorder and that GPS altitude will be accepted. The difference with fully certified flight recorders is that pilot should account 100 meter altitude margin for possible GPS altitude error (for instance 1100 meter gain of height for Silver badge). This new rule will be effective when new Sporting Code will be published (expected October 1st 2012).
In some countries flyWithCE Flight Recorder can be used for competitions.
Quick list of certificates:
Flight Recorder FR300
Organization Country Silver & Gold badges Competitions  
GFA Australia yes    
SAC Canada yes    
FFVV France yes   link
IGSA Ireland yes   link
AP Poland yes   link
LZS Slovenija yes    
BGA United Kingdom yes    
SSA United States yes yes link
OLC international   yes link
Flight Recorder FR100
Organization Country Silver & Gold badges Competitions  
GFA Australia yes   link
SAC Canada yes   link
FFVV France yes   link
AP Poland yes   link
LZS Slovenija yes    
BGA United Kingdom yes   link
SSA United States yes   link
OLC international   yes link
To keep the cost low consumer GPS logging device is used. In cooperation with device manufacturer the devices firmware was updated so that it would fit best glider pilot requirements. On the other hand consumer device has some limitations. Device is not IGC certified as flight recorder and does not have engine sensor or pressure altitude sensor. Because of that flights recorded with this device could not be used for claiming national/world records or diamond badge.
Certify flyWithCE recorder in your country
The registration procedure is free of charge and easy to do. The only thing is that NAC (National Air Sport Control) accepts the device as appropriate device for Silver & Gold FAI badge flights. Several countries already verified the device so you can trust other countries or perform the tests by yourself. At the end NAC fills out the form which is then sent to IGC.
If you would like to register the device in your country please contact flyWithCE.

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