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Meet the most popular position recorder
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Flight Recorder Device

The most popular position recorder.

Easy to use

With ON/OFF and pilot event switches device is extremely easy to use. A few minutes before flight turn on the device and when a valid GPS position is detected device will start recording your flight.

Secure recorder

The device will record standard IGC files which can be viewed with any IGC viewer. Together with the device you will get the flyWithCE Logbook software which can be also used to view downloaded flights.

Certified position recorder

In several countries device is certified as FAI position recorder and there pilots can use recordings to claim Silver and Gold FAI badges. It is also certified for online competitions (CIVL and OLC).

Power independent

With internal rechargeable battery you will not be dependent on planes power supply.

Small size

It is one of the smallest and lightest flight recorders on the market.


Check Order page for a price which is much lower than any other flight recorder currently on the market.

technical specification

flyWithCE Flight Recorder FR300
Memory size 71 hours with 1 s recording interval
Recording interval adjustable 1 – 30 seconds
Battery power built in 450mAh rechargeable battery
Battery operation >10 hours
Size 78 mm x 28 mm x 18 mm
Weight 32 grams
Built in GPS antenna yes
RoHS yes
Pressure altitude sensor no
Engine noise level sensor no
Full IGC certification no
FAI position recorder certification yes
CIVL certification yes
OLC accepted yes
Supported operating system Windows (from Windows Vista)
Warranty 1 year

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Device certifications

All competitions require signed IGC file. With the flyWithCE Flight Recorder device you have to make sure that you are connected to the Internet when you are downloading flights from the device and that the flyWithCE Logbook application has displayed Online status in status line. The signed IGC file will be then generated automatically.

FAI position recorder

The International Gliding Commission (IGC) introduced a new class of recorders - position recorders. Position Recorder approval is issued by national gliding committee for specific device. Pilots can claim Silver and Gold FAI badges.

Because flyWithCE Flight Recorder is using GPS to detect altitude, the pilot must gain extra 100 meters to compensate for possible altitude error (example: the gain of height is at least 1100 meters for Silver altitude). For more information about position recorders, please check documents published on the FAI web page.

The device is approved in the following counteries:

United Kingdom
United States of America

Is your country missing?
contact flyWithCE

OLC online competition

flyWithCE Flight Recorder is registered as position recorder. Approval is displayed on this OLC web site.
Some competitions on the OLC web site require fully certified IGC flight recorder. Please check the contest rules before you will take part in certain competition.

CIVL open validation server

The Open Validation Server is a free online service for validating IGC files, used by the FAI CIVL World XC Online Contest and many other national and international flying contests. flyWithCE Flight Recorder is approved CIVL position recorder.

Logbook Software

Download, store, view, analyze and share flights.

Flight statistics

Optimize flight task and check flight statistics.

Flight database

Download flights from the flyWithCE Flight Recorder or import your IGC files recorded with other devices.

Share flights

Convert IGC files to formats that can be opened on almost every PC and then Email them to your friends.

Share flights

Flights are usually saved as IGC files and on most computers you do not have IGC viewer installed. Even your glider friends might not have installed the appropriate viewer program an all PCs. Because of that it is important that you can send flight in some more common format where the viewer is already installed or it is easily available and it is free of charge.

Google Earth is a free program that can display KML file format. You can review flight track in 2D or 3D. The program will also display graph with altitude and speed.
Google Maps is the most portable format. The Logbook will generate an HTML file which can be displayed in any web browser as long as you have an Internet connection.
Select file that you would like to Email to your friend and Logbook will select the appropriate IGC file and if requested change format to Google Earth or Google Maps.

Flight statistics

With version 5.0 statistics were improved. Pilot can optimize flight and review flight statistics.

Flight information

General flight overview where you can see date, takeoff and landing time, durations and some general flight statistics.

Task overview

In two sections (declared and optimized task) you can observe task statistics. You can see general and section statistics.

The best of

This section summarizes the flights. Logbook will list the best values like maximum altitude gain, maximum climb, longest cruise, fastest cruise…

Gliding sections

Logbook will display gliding sections. You will be able to inspect each specific climb or cruise.

Supported operating system and requirements

flyWithCE Logbook will run on Windows operating systems (Windows Vista or newer).
Internet connection is required to generate secure IGC files.


Order flyWithCE Flight Recorder device.

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Order flyWithCE Flight Recorder FR300 device and flyWithCE Logbook application.

109 EUR 25 EUR

Please read flyWithCE Flight Recorder technical specification before buying the product.

Please contact flyWithCE if you would like to order bigger quantity.

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General information


flyWithCE, Uroš Podlogar s.p. is not VAT registered and because of that VAT is not charged.

Order processing

Secure on-line order processing is provided by PayPal.


All orders are processed and sent in 2 working days after we receive full payment.
UPS shipping will be used. Tracking number will be provided.
Possible customs charges are not included in shipping cost.


Download latest applications and documents.

Product Version Operating system Download
Logbook application V5 5.40 Windows 8 or newer Download
Logbook application V4 4.90 Windows Vista or newer Download
User manual - English 3.40 Download
User manual - French 3.40 Download
Quick start guide - English 4.80 Download
IGC validation utility 3.00 Windows Vista or newer Download
IGC validation utility - CIVL 3.00 Windows Vista or newer Download
Flight recorder
Device FR300 (serial number 01-0560 or higher) - please read comments below
Windows drivers VCP 1.3.1 Window Vista or newer - 32 bit Download
Windows drivers VCP 1.3.1 Window Vista or newer - 64 bit Download
Device FR100 and FR300 (serial number lower than 01-0560) - please read comments below
Windows drivers PL2303 1.7.0 Window Vista or newer - 32 and 64 bit Download

Windows drivers are installed automatically from Windows update.

Make sure that computer is connected to the Internet. Turn on the flight recorder and plug it in to the computer. Driver will be downloaded and installed automatically.

Support for discontinued Windows operating systems

flyWithCE Logbook is officially supported only on operating systems that are supported by Microsoft. Because of that Windows XP is no longer officially supported.

Support for MAC OS

MAC OS is not supported. Some customers are using Windows version of Logbook application on MAC using virtual machine.
For more information please, check Paralells or wmware web pages.


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